Between Friend and lover, Which one is more important?

There was a new couple who just got married a year ago. After a year, the wife got pregnant 5 months, but her husband never cared about it because from a day to a day he was busy in party from day to night with his friends, so he neither helped her wife’s duties, nor he takes cared of her. When he had free time, he always went away, and left his wife alone although he knew his wife was pregnant.
One days, the wife said with anger: “Everyday you always make the party with your friend, and you didn’t help me anything. Don’t you have anything else to do beside of the party?” When the drunken husband heard like that, he shouted loudly to his wife: Only party, what is wrong? If I want to make the party, why can’t I make? If you want to go away, just tell me and go. When the wife heard her husband’s shout, she was so upset and went to cry alone in her room.

She wanted to leave from that kind of family, but she couldn’t do it because she thought that she just got married with her husband a year. If she walked away from her husband, she would be mocked and looked down by her neighbor, moreover, she always thought about her baby, so she tried to claim down with the tear. Several week later, the husband still be happy to make the party with his friends without caring about what his wife said, so the next argument happen.
Wife said: Is your party so important for you until you make it everyday like this? Husband reply: What should I do if my friends call me to join it? Wife: Is your friend important? Why do you always follow what they say? I am your wife, why do you never follow me? Husband: They invited me, so I need to go and stay till the end of the party. Wife said with unhappy that: Is your friend so important for you till that? From a day to a day, you are with your friend in the party till the night. You take your time to be with your friend in the party, so how about me? Have you ever thought of me? Have you ever thought to be with me? I always wait for you till night although I work hard every day without relax time, have you ever help me? At the evening I close the shop, Have you ever though of my shop? I ride the motor alone home, Have you ever though about my safety? At the night, I eat rice alone, have you ever care about the meal I eat with? Have you ever though about those point? When the drunken husband heard like that, he shouted loudly to his wife again: “What is wrong? Why are you talkative?” then he went to his room, and left his wife cry alone.

The argument between the husband and wife become empty after the night when the husband left from the party to his home as normal, but when he entered the house, suddenly it was dark. He called his wife, but there was no reply, so he turned on the electric and walked into his wife’s room. He felt straight because he didn’t see his wife who was always sit and wait for him everyday. Although he entered his wife’s room, he still not see his wife, but he saw only a piece of paper on the table. He took it and read: “I can’t try to live with the person as you who never think and care about me anymore. I have tried already, but I could try only till this time. In the past, I tried to be patient for this small family, I tried for my baby, but you had never given me the value to this small family. You never regarded the wife as an important person in your life. You never cared about your wife as me. When I ate rice, have you ever care about what I ate with? Have you ever cared about my health while you knew I am pregnant ? so, please live happily in the party with your friend because you can’t live without them. When you had the meal with me, the meal was not delicious. When you were with me, you had no happiness. When your friend made the party, you always enjoyed with it without care about my phone call, so please live with what you think you can’t live without. Bye without coming back ”
When the husband finished what his wife wrote on the paper, he started crying because he never though he made the person he loved hurt because of his action like that. First he though that the party was a small thing, but when his wife went away, he just knew his mistake, but everything was over for him.

At the end, so please don’t let everything be over with regret because the time can’t return back. Please take care the person you love and love you back well. Please don’t maltreat someone’s mind because of your action that you think it s the small thing. Friend and the wife is the same important person, but the value is different. Wife is the person who live with you. Wife is your family because she always care about you, so you need to think about the person who is with you, not about the other. You can pay attention to other, but you should never leave the person who is with you.

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